Since 2006, The Green Brothers have been spreading their distinct flavor of Mid-West Funk & Hip Hop around the world. Making no apologies for their playful, rebellious, antics, and strong, revolutionary undertone The Brothers have established a fallowing well beyond Hip Hop culture in which there roots where planted. With members originally based in Columbus, Ohio & Chicago, Illinois the groups founder and creative director Aaron Evans (Claude 9) now resides in sunny Southern California where he continues to push forward the unique sound found at the base of his label Dove Ink Records and work as a freelance writer for NUG Magazine.

     After erupting onto the nation scene with their debut album "Everbody's Green," Claude 9 & Hiway 411 (Racecar of Modill) received praise from several world wide publications such as Hightimes, Skunk and Okayplayer. Finding themselves headlining a tour of the West Coast and South West regions they harvest from a strong grassroots buzz that kicked off with the myspace boom and has continued into todays current social network such as Facebook and Twitter. The Green Brothers also enjoyed the opportunity to perform spot dates with many internationally known artists ranging from Slick Rick, to Devin The Dude, to Brother Ali. (and everyone in-between.)

     In 2010 The Green Brothers returned to the spotlight with "I Get Lifted". Thou the album maintained a green theme and funk base this time around we found Claude 9 behind the microphone and DJ Bern One (DJ Inform) handling the beats and cuts. The albums lead single and video the self-titled "I Get Lifted" instantly went viral and received over 22,000 hits in the first year alone. Well known for "The Nug Trick" where Claude 9 smokes a 4g nugget of sticky funk without rolling papers or blunt wraps this song has found a permeant home in smokers hearts world wide. Still this album found The Brothers breaking new ground topically and this can and should be expected moving into the future. There's many shades to being green and the brothers aim to capture as many of them as humanly possible.
     The Green Brothers aren’t your average weed themed hip hop group. In fact their so adamant about pushing their craft and culture forward with intelligent, provacative subjects that stay accessible and catchy that you may be better off nothing thinking of the as a weed group at all.  The Green Brothers music is like the first day of vacation, a hug from a loved one on a cloudy day. It's finding a golden ticket or a four leaf clover.  It's freedom from the ties that bind and it's the little voice inside that says stand up and reach for the wildest corners of your imagination. The Green Brothers don’t get high. They Get Lifted. Spiritually, Physically and Mentally.  The fact they smoke all day is a given, but is in no way a full definition of there art or scope as a whole.

     Sometimes The Green Brothers are goofy and fun, other times there serious and intellectual, but there always on point when it comes to crafting innovative music that bring people together. At the end of the day that's really what the Green Brothers are about. The bond between the listener and the crowd. The bond between friends smoking in a cypher (whether on a street corner or around a camp fire) sharing laughter and abstract ideas. The bond between family from all walks of life creating new memories and seeing where all not nearly as different as we thing we are.

     If Everybody's Green than consider this the Family Reunion. We'll have a plate ready for ya and the Brothers will be on stage stetting the perfect vibe as always. Seen ya soon, this parties just getting started.

Stay Lifted

The Green Brothers