Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Green Brothers Present: "I Get Lifted" This Fall...

"I Get Lifted" Coming this fall...

So Me and Bern have been in the studio banging out song after song for the last 6 months trying to get ready to relaunch the brothers this fall from our new home base of Southern California. While Bern has been back in Columbus pushing his first solo release "The Cutting Room Floor" rocking shows with many of the biggest names in music right now, Claude 9 has been working his way around San Diego making connections with some major players in both the Hip Hop and Marijuana community and working hard to line up some really exciting things for the movement and the new album.

So heres the first preview of the album cover...We've turned a new leaf but we feel this new direction is both refreshing and needed....

Make sure to check back soone and download the self titled single "I Get Lifted"

We cross our heart, hope to dye, pinkie promise that this will be you new summer smoking anthem... ;)

Be Ez


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