Sunday, August 1, 2010

"I Get Lifted" The Single Drops Monday...

Full length album coming this fall!!!!

I'm starting to get excited about all this....

Its a long hard road getting an album out & I don't think it ever gets any easier because you always find new angles to focus on and obsess over... Is this right, is that right, Blah, blah blah....

We'll lady's and gent's the time has come...this it the best we got and we hope it uplifts you from some of your everyday stresses and worries. (We all have me I know.)

As we push the snowball from the top of the mountain tomorrow and begin the second phase of being an artist. (actually sharing your art with the world...) we ask for you continued help, love and support as we set forth, taking another step towards accomplish our dreams....

Keep checking back often for ways YOU can get involved with The Green Brothers movement!!!

Be Ez

Claude 9

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