Saturday, February 19, 2011

So I've been really slacking on updating the blog but I'm going to make sure to have a little more free time for keeping everyone caught up with the crazy adventures in my life...

To start with I've had a few people ask me for the lyrics to the single "I Get Lifted"
So due to popular demand here ya go.... :)

Verse One -
"From Heavens trimmer, till the last ember,
the chief chiefer of celestial reefer.
See I blow Triachromes through chrome microphones,
while Burn digs breaks in ancient catacombs.
We're lifted, like wallets in thieves hands.
We're lifted, like mystics in distant lands,
We're Lifted, like first kisses, granted wishes,
a sweet tooth satisfied by brown sugar misses.
This is, one to just ride to,
kick back get high to, let it inside you.
This is, like Bob used to say,
the moment it hits the pain goes away.
So don't worry, we brought plenty for the masses,
cus when cup run over they fill other empty glasses,
with, classics, and endless supply,
so lift fists to the sky if your soul loves to fly....."

Verse Two

"From keef keeper, to cristal creeper,
Claude 9's a believer that the leaf will take you deeper.
See I inhale regal reefer and spit it through your speaker,
while Burn drops breaks like a funk doctor preacher.
We're lifted, like little kids on Christmas,
Lifted, like when an old friend visits,
Lifted, like we just saw some ever after
where stress no longer matters and the world is full of laughter.
So, just let yourself go,
let the rhythm take control,
let it grab your inner soul.
So I say a little prayer
for the people who ain't there
let it rise into the air.
From green Ohio valleys to the southern cliffs of Cali.
when you sing it, sing it like the words alone get you high.
So if your lifted like we're lifted, take that gift that you've been gifted
and lite the tip of that spliff, with the morning sunrise...."

So thats what it looks like in my note book at least....

As always, fuck grammar with poetry....I'll write it how I damn well

Be on the look out for new material soon.....

Till then

Keep it Green
Be Ez
and Shine

your boy,


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